For connoisseurs and oud enthusiasts who appreciate the finest of oud.

Essence of Oud is a UK company based in the heart of Birmingham. In 2019, the idea was conceived to search for, and obtain, the purest and best quality ouds from around the world.

Oud has always been a fascination for many: its deep, sweet and woody aroma has mesmerized many through the ages. At Essence of Oud we aim to locate and present to you the purest and best quality ouds from around the world. Also included in the Essence of Oud range of perfumes are Turkish rose oil, Tibetan musk and Sandalwood musk.

In the future, we aim to introduce oud chips along with oud incense sticks to bring the oud fragrance experience into your home. 

We can ship to anywhere in the UK and we also welcome international shipping.

You can visit here to learn more about oud.

Essence of Oud